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It is the system that records and reports the whole process from the acceptance of the products to the warehouse to the dispatch using computer-based technologies. Directs the employees by taking decisions in the process of adress determination and location with the intelligent algorithms. It provides tracking and planning of the resources. It makes the life easier in your workplace.

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WMS Cloud

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WMS Cloud Basics

This software provides you management for all kind of work at your bussiness in basic level, such as material receiving, shipment, internal transactions, quality control, FIFO control, stock levels, inventory management and more

Project Management

Create and assing tasks to your team, keep control their work and performance, follow your timeline more easly!


This software ensures that every step of the interaction with consumers goes smoothly and efficiently in order to increase the overall profits.

Purchasing Module

Get purchase offers from suppliers, and compare their prices with wms cloud, get a notification when purchases arrive.

Production Module

Keep your production under control, let the system create work orders automatically for you.

Maintenance Module

You will be able to aware of faults in real-time, system send notifications per each property, once their periodic maintenance schedule comes.

Document Management

Imagine you have thousands of documents, offers, official hard copies, archives you have to store them but not easy to find when you need, right? That's means you n eed a document server!

Routing Module

Manage your distrubution fleet, smart algoritms for shipment route planing, better vehicle loading space.


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Quality Module

You will be able to separate your stock into quality statuses such as under quarantine, rejected, ready to or similar status and rejected item can not be shipped to customer, will be blocked by the system.

Human Resources

Keep your employees under control, check who is doing right who is wrong regarding to reports.


If you are using your web application with internet acces,you will need a site design that shows your brand face for visitors to your website.
Just like WordPress Panel but more much more simple!

Scada Module

WMSCloud is capabile of talking and directing with hardwares in your facility, such as production lines, PLC, Scada etc. You can command hardwares from wmscloud


Once you are on clound system, Why not e-commerce platform to get orders online?

Development Services

Customize the system according to your business needs, depending on a certian man-day fee.

Integration Services

This module allows you to transfer data you want between WMS Cloud and your systems.

Notification Module

Automatic reminders for shipments, missions, quality checks, time delay warns.

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