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This software provides you management for all kind of work at your bussiness in basic level, such as material receiving, shipment, internal transactions, quality control, FIFO control, stock levels, inventory management and more

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֍ 15 Different Module Options

WMS Basic is the the main product that includes all the basic features of the system.


It is the system that records and reports the whole process from the acceptance of the products to the warehouse to the dispatch using comptured-based technologies, Dircts the employees by taking decisions in the process of address determination and location with the intelligent algorithms. It provides tracking and planning of the resources. It makes life easier in your workplace.




Login Screen

Our application is web-based and mobile compatible. It can work with desktop computers, tablets, phone, industrial handheld terminals, and even smartwatches. The interface supports Turkish, English, Russian and Arabic Language options.

Home Screen


Storing and Picking Internal Transfers

֍ The system shows the accurate address to stock the products to the workes, optimizes warehouse areas, and guides for the most suitable stocking and picking locations.

֍ Create transder orders for product storage and pinking manually or system creates automatically based on following rules;

-Item level, Item group level and customer level

-FIFO (first in first out) daily, weekly, monthly

-Production Date

Inventory Management

֍ Watch stock real-time with location addresses.

֍ 2D, 3D view of the warehouse.

֍ Warehouse location management.

֍ Stock counting with handhel devices and counting reports and comparsion.

֍ Alerts For min-max stock levels

֍ Purchasing according to min-max levels and pending shipmnet orders.

֍ Reduce material loss with inventory management.


֍ Powerful reporting tools, customized reporting per each department, dynamic report designs.

֍ Real-time charts, user permissions to able to view reports

֍ Document management system and so on..

Shipment Management

֍ Loading operations are optimized and accelerated.

֍ Shipment planning and rouitng trucks.

֍ Scaling trucks and container to get net loading weight.

֍ Collect material towards shipment gates with software suggestions, based on FIFO or customized rules.

֍ Option to take photographs for each loading, in case of shipment customer complains.

֍ Organize mix pallet shipment at pick face areas.

Return to Supplier, Return from Customer

֍Easy to get or send returns based on Sales/Purchasing orders.