Storing & Picking

Storing with hand held devices automatic forwarding via software creating manuel transfer orders to operators

Work Order Distribution

Capability of communicating with production machines PLCs, Scada systems

Shipment Planning

Reduces your workload in shipment planning

Routing Planning

Route planning solution helps you optimize distribution costs by creating and planning more efficient routes

Inventory Management

Watch stock real time with location addresses, Warehouse location management, Stock counting with hand held devices and counting reports & comprasion


We have powerful reporting tool standart reports like receiving, shipment, production, quality control, transaction reports, employee reports, special dynamic report designs for customer special printing report designs, real time charts for large screens permisson levels on reports for system users


It is the system that records and reports the whole process from the acceptance of the products to the warehouse to the dispatch using computer-based technologies. Directs the employees by taking decisions in the process of adress determination and location with the intelligent algorithms. It provides tracking and planning of the resources. It makes the life easier in your workplace.